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Moose911 - 2019 NFL Mock Draft version II

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Moose911`s first 2019 NFL Mock Draft is online. One draft day trade is always included and after the big $$$$ waves of FA .

I would love to get some comments on my Mock, also critical comments but please, keep in mind that I am not a USA born football fan, so be gentle and leave them with style and respect.

If you want to have your 2019 NFL Mock Draft posted, submit it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and it will be published here or submit your link and we add it to our Mock Draft Database.

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1. Arizona Cardinals - Quinnen Williams, DT

I am not sure the Cards will draft a QB (Murray) and waste their top pick of 2018, a young QB who never had a real chance behind a bad o-line.

I think they want to trade the pick, but will also not do it in my second Mock of 2019.  Still not convinced in any direction, maybe later Wink

2. San Francisco 49ers - Nick Bosa, DE

He is the real deal. Will bring pressure of the edge to a div. where you have Goff and RW.  Really good player and good blood line.

3. Possible TRADE:  New York Giants from New York Jets - Kyler Murray, QB

Whats up Giants, can you pls wake up now... In NYC (and this is a rare inner city NY trade) you have to do something and I don`t mean trading OBJ (I still don`t get it!!!). Pls don`t waste your RB talents going forward. Bring in this exciting young QB and hope to get the next Mahomes. That would help to calm down the fans a bit.

4. Oakland Raiders - Josh Allen, DE / OLB (3-4)

Now that an ugly season is over, Raiders fans can get excited with all these picks and first moves in Free Agency. They still need a lot, except maybe WR (AB84) and RB if Beast Mode comes back for another year. 

I would go BPA, Edge also fills a huge need and with their new GM the picks should be perfectly analyzed ...

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dwayne Haskins, QB

Surprise here ... I think Bruce Arians wants to start over. He picks a young, talented and cheap QB, which enables him to spend on other positions (see Rams, Eagles, etc.)

6. New York Jets - Rahsan Gary, DE

I really loved this guy in "all or nothing", smart, athletic and now a big time player, ready to be taken in the top 10.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars - Montez Sweat, DE/OLB (3-4)

After trading Fowler mid season to the Rams and releasing Malik Jackson they some DL help and here is one of the combine stars.

8. Detroit Lions - Ed Oliver, DT

LB is also an obvious need, but but but, they missed once on a DT named Aaron Donald and now they try to make up for this ...

9. Buffalo Bills - D.K Metcalf, WR

THE combine star, and for a young QB an outstanding addition... Way more chilled than AB ... btw.

10. Denver Broncos - Devin White, LB

Traded for Flacco, traded poor Case away ... Not sure what Elway is doing with his QB decisions. Select a rookie QB, too ... nahhh BPA

11. Cincinnati Bengals - Jawaan Taylor, OT

Could be also a QB, this really has me also thinking hard when i do my final Mock of 2019, but OL was an obvious weakness since Big Whit left. I think you cannot leave JT on the board at 11.

12. Green Bay Packers - Devin Bush, ILB

Packers really bolstered their D on a strong day of FA. Clay left for the Rams but adding the Smiths and Amos was great. Like said with my 6th pick who stared on Amazon, for all the guys who also watched Bush in all or nothing. Damn, he would fit to the Packers.

13. Miami Dolphins - Drew Lock, QB

Miami needs to reboot and will start with the most crucial position in football. Lock him in at 13.

14. Atlanta Falcons - Christian Wilkins, DT

A deep and very good class of DL/ Edge in 2019. Wilkins was terrific in college and also great against upper tier competition, like the NC game. He would help ATL as they still face Brees two times a year.

15. Washington Redskins - A.J Brown, WR

Feeling the Giants need for a WR at 17, WAS will grab one in this years draft at 15. AJ Brown was better in college than D.K but the combine hype was not as much of a storyline and teams will trip over that - again.

16. Carolina Panthers - Clelin Ferrell, DE/OLB (3-4)

They could also go for o line help, but Ferrell is just too much of a talent to pass. And CAR is a time identified by Cam and a very good D. No LB left to be picked this early, otherwise I would have picked White/Bush if available.

17. TRADE (OBJ) NY Giants from Cleveland Browns - Jonah Williams, OT

350 lbs Dexter could be a pick, but how can you expect a Front Office that trades "Snacks" be this smart. I think o-line is the pick after getting a QB after a trade up in my Mock.

18. Minnesota Vikings - Andre Dilliard, OT

Vikings invested a lot of guaranteed CASH $$$ in their QB. They should do everything to protect him better and this guy could be the best bet to achieve this as new LT.

19. Tennessee Titans - Cody Ford, OT

If you add one of the best and most underrated G of the last 3 year in FA and can get Cody Ford. Damn, this interior is fire and could give Mariota at least one chance at 16(++?) games in 19.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - T.J Hockenson, TE

This is the one pick I love for the Steelers but I hate myself and my Mock. How can I let this guy drop to 20. Would be a huge asset for Big Ben who lost two big names this offseason.

21. Seattle Seahawks - Greg Little, OT

Each year the same. The Seahawks need more protection for RW. I think the o line became better and better and Flucker was good in 18. Greg Little would be a nice addition to have a good line, finally...

22. Baltimore Ravens - Marquise Brown, WR

The pick in my first draft was a S. They have one of the best now. Also love the Ingram signing. Both fit the DNA of the Ravens and this guy above is picked to fill a huge need in the O.

23. Houston Texans -Dalton Risner, OT

I can`t believe how many team are labeled and fit the "need in the trenches" category. Texans have a great young QB, top 3 WR in the NFL and a top 3 defender, so they can do exactly this pick.

24. TRADE (K. Mack) Oakland Raiders from Chicago Bears - Brian Burns, DE/OLB (3-4)

If you lose Mack, you have to get some help in the upcoming NFL Drafts. #4 is a monster and BB is a steal at 24. This would be a cool draft for the Raiders and one more pick to come in rd 1.

25. Philadelphia Eagles - Deandre Baker, CB

Despite FA, will stay with my position pick of a CB. I think Baker fits the Eagles more than Murphy, whom i had with my first Mock Draft. Tough CB who just seams to fit the Eagles nature. OG could be also a possibility.

26. Indianapolis Colts - Byron Murphy, CB

Dropped just on spot from my last Mock. Byron Murphy will help shore up a Colts secondary in need of playmakers and new young blood.

27. TRADE (A. Cooper) Oakland Raiders from Dallas Cowboys - Noah Fant, TE

Weapons pls. I really could see a RB here, but Noah Fant is an exciting talent. After two pass rushers in my Mock, I think Raiders will go offense here.

28. Los Angeles Chargers - Jeffery Simmons, DT

Too good to pass here even with the injury concerns. Fills a need and experts have him as a huge explosive presence and he brings lots of potential at #28.

29. Kansas City Chiefs - Dexter Lawrence, NT

Huge huge run stopping presence who is athletic and would be a perfect pick for the Chiefs. The O is set and they need every help they can get on D.

30. TRADE (2018 Draft) Green Bay Packers from New Orleans Saints - Garrett Bradbury, G/C

Lots of talk about the Packers in the offseason, more than they would have liked, but they had a strong Free Agency. A Guard will pls A-Rod12 and also will help their underrated and very good RB.

31. Los Angeles Rams - Greedy Williams, CB

Had Polite to the Rams in my first Mock. I think he will fall to the 2nd or even start of 3rd rd. Rams lost a top 5 G with Saffold in FA, could need a CB as Talib is not getting younger and even a DT. Dream pick would be Dexter "350", but he went earlier.

32. New England Patriots - Daniel Jones, QB

Still available!!?? Again I did something wrong, but I guess N.E. is N.E. for a reason. If Brady plays until he is 50, they will get at least a second rd pick in 3 years for Jones, who should go much higher.

Lets see when i do v3 of my Mock -> tbc...

Comments (3)
Murray is the top pick
1 Tuesday, 09 April 2019 12:30
Cards fan
You should jump the bandwagon. Murray will be picked number 1.
2 Friday, 12 April 2019 15:33
Mike J.
I seiously doubt Tampa Bay takes a QB rd. 1. Maybe rd. 5. Winston was one of the league's best quarerbacks down the stretch last year, & Arians really likes him. Really.
Thanks for the mocker.
3 Friday, 12 April 2019 15:36
Mike J.
i live in Jacksonville & think Sweat is a great selection. I think this talk of drafting an offensive lineman or nothing is overblown.


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