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2016 NFL Mock Draft by Ryan Trader Jensen

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Ryan Jensen WELCOMES YOU to the Big Show.

Bold prediction - there will be more Trades in the Top 10 than ever before. Sounds like this mock draft is as vage as guessing Kanyes next Tweet. 

1. Los Angeles Rams - Jared Goff - Cal
Hey, LA - we're back. Guess what, we'll bring a hometown kid with small hands but a lot Knowledge about the Californian livestyle. Could you please like us? The Marketing Department will jump for joy. Sounds like the greatest Show on the stripe.
2. Cleveland Browns - Carson Wentz - North Dakota
I'd love to make a fancy pick here like trading down or going not QB - cause its the Browns. But somehow I believe that the organisation has finally arrived in the big league again. Wentz is a man like a tree and will take over for RG3 after Game 5.
3. San Diego Chargers - Laremy Tunsil - Mississippi
Take what you want. Best player available, draft for need, etc. It all fits this Pick. He won't make the City Council Open their pockets but protect Rivers in his Last years.
4. TRADE - Baltimore Ravens - Myles Jack - UCLA
I couldn't resist. And hey Ozzie - if you read this you probably have to admit thinking of another Ray Lewis. Perfect fit even if there are other needs.
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jalen Ramsey - Florida State
The Rams Trade made him drop a bit but this pick makes the Jaguars a playoff contender. In 5 years the question might be why four teams passed on him.
6. Dallas Cowboys - Ezekiel Elliott - Ohio State
Traded down and got the best OL someone to block for. As much as I'd like Bosa in a Cowboys uniform and as much as a WR makes sense - this is the Ultimate Vintage Pick. 
7. San Francisco 49ers - DeForest Buckner - Oregon
Hey, he is from Oregon. Do I have to say more? Ok, I do. He is also a good scheme fit and together with his body-twin Armstead a dangerous combination. And Kelly is arrogant enough to go with Gabbert as QB.
8. TRADE - New York Giants - Joey Bosa - Ohio State
Calm down - he won't drop out of the top 10. Bosa is good, maybe very good but he has too many questionmarks or flags if you like to call it that way. NY simply can't resist to collect more pass rusher.
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ronnie Stanley - Notre Dame
Does somebody think of the kids? Everyone wants more protection for Mariota - what about Winston? Protect your franchise QB with the best passblocker.
10. Philadephia Eagles - Paxton Lynch - Memphis
If the owner wants to spend 1/3 of the payroll for QBs - OK. Its not as if he hired Chip Kelly. Oh he did...
The Nobody-Wants-to-Trade-up-with-me Eagles have to settle with  number 3 on their whishlist.
11. TRADE - Tennessee Titans - Jack Conklin - Michigan State
How much difference is between OT number 1 and 3? Not enough to reject the Rams Trade. The Titans got their Tackle and tons of picks to manoever in the draft.
12. New Orleans Saints - Shaq Lawson - Clemson
Defence - no question. And then go after your draftboard. I don't think the Saint expected Lawson to drop to them but hey: they won't complain.
13. Miami Dolphins - Laquon Treadwell - Ole Miss
The new Coach got a WR toy when Gase was OC for the Bears. And this is make-or-break for Tannehill so give him a tall Receiver to pair with Landry. If Tannehill fails then the new QB has a least already two WR. 
14. Oakland Raiders - Will Fuller - Notre Dame
Free Agency improved Defence and the draft gives Carr another weapon for what was aready called a good unit. Cooper will get way more attention this year and Fuller therefore single coverage.
15. Chicago Bears - Taylor Decker - Ohio State
The Bears liked neither the CBs or Edge Rusher enough at 11 so they traded back and take Decker who already trained with the rest of the Bears OL at Bentley OL factory. Remember Long lured Massie to Chicago. Maybe he is running the Show?
16. Detroit Lions - Darron Lee - Ohio Stade
The QB turned Safety turned LB is athletic - this is a start for a franchise with multiple holes in the roster. Built your defence around the guy that makes the calls/adjustments.
17. Atlanta Falcons - Leonard Floyd - Georgia
I love hometown picks like other people love one-year-prove-it-deals. Atlanta needs LB help and even if Floyd is a raw talent he has more potential than a safer pick like Ragland.
18. Indianapolis Colts - Ryan Kelly - Alabama
Wanna give your QB a blanco check? Then give him a bro to get old with. Tackle would make sense but Kelly is an as unsexy as solid pick. He is like an old Windows graphic card - plug and play.
19. Buffalo Bills - Vernon Hargreaves III - Florida
Someone is always falling. Why him? Because he is too short? Don't think so - but because of the scheme fits and needs of the teams above. Rex will run to the podium to get him. Even if CB is not a need for Buffalo.
20. New York Jets - Andrew Billings - Baylor
They have to draft DL, isn't it? They will anyhow sign Fitz and draft a Snack replacement. Vince Wilfork kinda player that would be Washingtons pick.
21. TRADE - Cincinnati Bengals - Corey Coleman - Baylor
That why the Bengals Managed to Trade up. And what are good teams doing? They make wise decisions like trading up to steal a WR when your roster doesn't need many rookies to fill in. BTW - Coleman is a steal!
22. Houston Texans - William Jackson III - Houston
Did I talk enough about hometown heros? Ok. I guess the Texans were a Little bit lost in the run on Receivers and out-smarted by the Bengals. So no Partner for DeAndre but CB is also a need.
23. Minnesota Vikings - Josh Doctson - TCU
Wallace, Patterson and now Doctson. As good as they draft or develope other players WR is a need for the Vikings. Can go Safety too but this is a crystal clear best-player-available plus need pick.
24. Washington Redskins - Jarran Reed - Alabama
The better of the both Crimson Tide DTs. Reed is more versatile and pro-ready. He may be the most talented player in a deep class - but honestly: the Redskins could love someone else more.
25. Pittsburgh Steelers - Karl Joseph - West Virginia
At least help for the secondary but no CB. Joseph is my posterboy Safety for the Steel City. And at least Not a Edge Rusher.
26. Seattle Seahawks - Shilique Calhoun, Michigan State
Bruce Irvin gone. Situational pass rusher like Bruce Irvin in. Seattle totally sticks with their system and a 4 year rental Player plus absolutely ignoring the OL.
27. Green Bay Packers - Reggie Ragland - Alabama
Since when is Oldschool a bad thing? Just because he's a Little bit slower than the new MLB prototype doesn't mean that this tackling machine will fail. Big fan of this pick and player. Bears, Vics and Lions watch out.
28. Kansas City Chiefs - Sheldon Rankins - Louisville 
I had a CB sloted here since DeVito retired. DT makes more sense because KC is doomed to win now. 
29. Arizona Cardinals - Mackenzie Alexander - Clemson
How to make INT when no one passes in your direction? Won't Happen in The desert cause you can't avoid Mathieu and Peterson and Alexander. Pick could also be one of the dropping red flag boys but why risk the atmosphere in the locker room even if it could be handled. Go with the best nickel.
30. Carolina Panthers - Derek Henry - Alabama
They probably won't draft him and go Ifedi or Apple which makes more Sense. But I couldn't resist giving this powerrunner to this powerrunning team. Newton, Stewart, Henry - the forth quater run defence of their opponents is getting scary.
31. Denver Broncos - Hunter Henry - Arkansas
Is Connor Cook better than Mark Sanchez? I say no, not now. Sanchez can win with a dominant defence but needs a guy for the short routes.

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Comments (2)
1 Tuesday, 19 April 2016 21:07
This would be a DREAM. I take this pick in every Mock Draft
2 Wednesday, 28 September 2016 20:25
no name check
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