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2015 NFL Mock Draft by GetFootballNews

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Moose911`s first 2015 NFL Mock Draft is up, right after start to FA. One draft day trade is always included.

I would love to get some comments on my Mock, also critical comments and what you honestly think about the picks. But please, keep in mind that I am not a native USA born football fan, so be gentle and leave them with style and respect.

If you want to have your 2015 NFL Mock Draft posted, submit it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and it will be published here or submit your link and we add it to our Mock Draft Database.

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1.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jameis Winston, QB

    Have you seen the Buc`s play? They could need many things but this is the - once in a extraaaa while - chance to select a QB from you home state. This franchise needs one as much as the one picking at 2.

    2.       Tennessee Titans - Leonard Williams, DT

      I know they should or really could need, but I really think they will not pick Mariota. DT fits so wonderful in what the Titans normally do and he is the best in the 2015 NFL Draft.

      3.       Jacksonville Jaguars - Amari Cooper, WR

        Trade offer from Philly – Bradford? Who is left? Nah.

        Pick your go2 guy for your young QB and do him a favour and hope that the SEA magic is working for your coach.

        4.       Oakland Raiders - Kevin White, WR

          Trade offer from Philly – Bradford? Who is left? – could this be a running gag?

          At least they picked their start center in FA (they guy they had was actually one of the good players), so now that they helped their QB there bring him the speedster… I would love this pick!

          5.       TRADE: Cleveland Browns (from Redskins) - Marcus Mariota, QB

            I think if this scenario falls, there is a realistic chance for a trade. They pull a RG3 kind of trade with the Browns sending the #5 to the north and getting #12, #19 and …

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            6.       New York Jets - Shane Ray, DE

              No QB available so the Jets will give Geno one more try under new coaching regime. The pass rusher from Mizzou is a good one and I think the CB/S`s were pretty good upgraded in FA.

              7.       Chicago Bears - Vic Beasley, DE/OLB

                The Bears, with all these household names, so bad, unbelievable. Lets hope that Cutler gets it done without #15, and they for sure could need one of those pass rushers. The defense needs some juice.

                8.       Atlanta Falcons - Dante Fowler, DE/OLB

                  Like the Bears. Unbelievable. Steven Jackson brought them the flu. For two years. I am not sure if they will rebound but at least they could try to solve their defensive non pressure. Good draft for pass rushers.

                  9.       New York Giants - Brandon Scherff, OG,OT

                    No big fellow from the O line until #8. Was unthinkable over the last few Drafts. The Giants need one and will get the whole pool to choose…

                    10.   St. Louis Rams - Ereck Flowers, OT

                      Depends on the Barksdale situation. Made quite some moves in FA and you never know with Jeff Fisher (Back to Back O line first round?). There will be some changes until Draft day. I start with my man from the U.

                      11.   Minnesota Vikings - Trae Waynes, CB

                      No CB/S in the top 10. Here we go and with plenty of chances to catch some Jay Cutler passes and also to get burned from some pretty good QB`s.

                      12.   TRADE: Washington Redskins (from Browns) - Randy Gregory, DE/OLB

                        If the Trade really happens WAS is on the clock 2 times in the first round and would really like to think QB here, but no one comes to mind. The Combine really hurt him in my first Mock so lets see where I put him end of April! Go with the speedy pass rusher everyone wants to have and see whats there on 19.

                        13.   New Orleans Saints - Devante Parker, WR

                          No Goal Post Dunks anymore in the Big Easy but they fixed the Center position. “Pass catching” suddenly becomes a need and he is the perfect cure for that.

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                          14.   Miami Dolphins – Malcom Brown, DT

                            I really like the Phins offseason and I think Ryan Tannenhill will explode without a barking Mike Wallace (replaced with Stills). Also not to match the Bills offer on their TE was good move (replaced with Cameron). So, what do I think? C, OG, WR – all available do not have enough value so I pick a young guy next to SUH and makings this a great D frontline.

                            15.   San Francisco 49ers - Alvin Dupree, DE/OLB

                              Steel of the Draft. That would be a huge OLB pass rushing combo and would help solve at least SOME LB problems for the 49ers. I know, they lost more inside (but Bowman back and they find late talent) but would not pass on Bud Dupree.

                              16.   Houston Texans - Andrus Peat, OT

                                Andre Johnson no longer a Texans will be uncommon but this is how the NFL goes. I see not a replacement here but o line could need some help and Peat should have gone long before.

                                17.   San Diego Chargers - Melvin Gordon, RB

                                  I will be looking on the NFL new every day if this Rivers for Mariota rumors are true. Can`t believe it. Both of them could use a RB and I think this could happen. I will choose one…

                                  18.   Kansas City Chiefs – Lael Collins, OT

                                    Could Eric Fisher be a huge first overall bust? No one thought that in 2013. I would use another high pick for the other side. Which side can be played out.

                                    19.   TRADE: Washington Redskins (from Browns (from Bills)) – Jalen Collins, CB

                                      My trade had WAS selecting Randy Gregory at #12, and now we put another piece into the D. Great value at 19.

                                      20.   Philadelphia Eagles - Landon Collins, S

                                        Such a great offseason. Sam Bradford in Philly? Really, or gone again on draft day. He now needs some weapons in the passing game – again, but the defense needs even more help.

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                                        21.   Cincinnati Bengals - Danny Shelton, DT

                                          The DT position was not as strong as the last couple of years before. This huge monster DT (339pounds) will help Geno Atkins and co. to bounce back - pass rush and havoc the backfield.

                                          22.   Pittsburgh Steelers - Kevin Johnson, CB

                                            Pittsburgh`s secondary was a liability last year. They absolutely have to upgrade the CB or S position. With Landon Collins gone at #20, I choose a CB.

                                            23.   Detroit Lions - T.J Clemmings, OT

                                              I always have the impression Detroit could use a big fellow upfront. DT could be also a need despite the trade for Haloti Ngata.

                                              24.   Arizona Cardinals – Todd Gurley, RB

                                                This is something that the Cards did not have for a long time. I think this guy could be such a help for the whole offense. Fitz is back, If Palmer stays healthy and Iupati opening holes… Who knows… SB 50?

                                                25.   Carolina Panthers -  Jaelen Strong, WR

                                                  Oh Cam, you need at least someone other than Mr. Olson, to throw the ball to on a regular basis. Ok, K. Benjamin was great as a rookie but I would add another wideout here. The o-line is also mightily thin at OT and “blind-side Mike” was awful the last two seasons.

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                                                  26.   Baltimore Ravens - Breshad Perriman, WR

                                                    I never thought Torrey Smith would leave the Ravens. I think they should have kept him. He needs to be replaced with SPEED…

                                                    27.   Dallas Cowboys – Arik Armstead, DT

                                                      The Cowboys made the controversial DE signing but will not stop there as they select help on the interior, too.

                                                      28.   Denver Broncos – D.J. Humphries, OT

                                                        One last chance for #18 I think. One Thomas is gone but I don`t see a TE going in the first to Denver. Oline help is mostly needed in Mile High.

                                                        29.   Indianapolis Colts -  Cameron Erving, C

                                                          The future is no.12 and he is worth the big bucks. Give him his “Saturday” for the next 216 Sundays…

                                                          30.   Green Bay Packers -  Erick Kendricks, ILB

                                                            Most of the time I like what the Packers do and resigning R. Cobb was huge. BPA could be the choice but I would prefer adding to the ILB spot and putting Clay Matthews back to rush OLB.

                                                            31.   New Orleans Saints (from Seahawks) – Marcus Peters, CB

                                                              Using this pick on a TE would be a simple choice to replace J. Graham but not sure if Maxx Williams will go in the 1st. We already took a WR with the first pick so I would like to go OG or D here. Add a young talent to ex legion of boom member B. Browner.

                                                              32.   New England Patriots - Eddie Goldman, DT

                                                                NE could trade this pick but not convinced this will happen in 2015. The names of the CB`s lost were huge and Big Vince of course, too. But NE is NE and I really have to make a shot into the dark here but DT seams to be a glaring need.

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