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Moose911 2013 NFL Mock Draft Part III

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Moose911`s third 2013 NFL Mock Draft is up, with a week to go until the NFL Draft kicks off in NYC. One draft day trade is always included and now with COMMENTS for each pick.

I would love to get some comments on my Mock, of course also critical comments and what you honestly think about the picks. But pleeease, keep in mind that I am not a native USA born football fan, so be gentle and leave them with style and respect.

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    1.   Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT

    The Chiefs had a nice offseason but I think they will trade B. Albert for a second round pick on Draft Day. A LT will then be a need and also is worth the first overall pick and Luuuuuuuuuuke will be their man.

      Previous pick: Geno Smith, QB

        2.   Jacksonville Jaguars – Eric Fisher, OT

        This comment will be followed by angry comments - again - but I think the Jaguars have needs at nearly every position. QB, WR and RB will not be picked but a OT or D lineman to start all over again is a nice asset to get with the 2nd overall pick. Maybe they listen to DRAFT GURU Mike Mayocks advise and make it a LT one-two punch in this years NFL Draft.

        Previous pick: Sharrif Floyd, DT

        Previous pick: Damontre Moore, DE/OLB (3-4)

        3.   Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd, DT

        I am really thinking Tavon Austin here because of the hype the player has gotten the last couple of months. He would be a tremendous playmaker for the "new" Oakland Raiders but after cutting nearly all their DT`s, I have to go with my third lineman in a row. Great player to start over again...

        Previous pick: Sheldon Richardson, DT

        Previous pick: Star Lotulelei, DT

        4.   Philadelphia Eagles – Dion Jordan, OLB (3-4)

        This could be the most anticipated pick of the draft order because nobody knows what coach Kelly will do. I think CB would be nice after losing both starters. A QB could be great to start over with new order in town. I think it is very important to have a player, who knows what Coach did in the past and who also is a tremendous talent. The obvious... Dion Jordan

        Previous pick: Eric Fisher, OT

        Previous pick: Luke Joeckel, OT

        5.   Detroit Lions – Ezekiel Ansah, DE

        I would love to keep my German fellow here at #5 but i think it will not happen. It is a little to high for him and the Lions would be better to invest in a OT (both gone and L. Johnson is a reach at #5), a more disruptive DE, or someone in the D backfield with talent. This player has lots of pass rush talent and will keep getting better. It is more easy to beat the Packer and Bears lineman than defending their WR and TE, so NO to CB yes to "bring the heat".

        Previous pick: Björn Werner, DE

        6.   Cleveland Browns – DeMarcus Milliner, CB

        A nice spot to complement your young, up and coming CB with a very good rookie CB. Dee Milliner is no P. Peterson but a nice pick to get between pick 6-10 and will help to have a great CB duo in Cleveland for years to come.

        Previous pick: Dion Jordan, OLB (3-4)

        Previous pick: Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB (3-4)

        7.   Arizona Cardinals – Lane Johnson, OT

        It would be so tempting to pick Geno Smith here. Also thinking about trade because someone would like to jump the Bills. Carson Palmer.. Brrrr, I think he will be a backup QB sooner rather than later, but after seeing the 9 sack game against the Rams, pls. forget about the QB prospect and first ensure safety to any of your future starting QB`s.

        Previous pick: Geno Smith, QB

        Previous pick: Eric Fisher, OT

        8.   Buffalo Bills – Tavon Austin, WR (new)

        Austin is calling. I would have loved him as a surprise pick at #3 but this time Jeff Fisher is slamming his glasses once again. True playmaker, highest new entry to round 1 and the Bills get him easily before someone else has the chance to pick him up. My pick for ROY.

        Previous pick: DeMarcus Milliner, CB

        9.   New York Jets – Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB (3-4)

        I think they shy away from the heart condition of Star Lotulelei and due to the fact that Rexi Babies defense is all about pressure you have to get at least some player who are able to bring the heat. Stay with my pick despite the fact I see my two favs Werner and Richardson droping...

        10.   Tennessee Titans – Xavier Rhodes, CB

        They signed the biggest price on the FA Guard market, so I really don`t see them adding another G with this high pick. Most of the "Mocker" out there have my previous pick or Cooper here but I will add a impact CB for the defensive backfield.

        Previous pick: Chance Warmack, G

        11.   San Diego Chargers – Chance Warmack, G

        All the good LT are gone. I think trade for a LT here while NOT giving up this pick. Brendan Albert or Rodger Saffold could be nice pick ups for SD. Now fix the interior line and Mr. Rivers can smile again.

        Previous pick: Lane Johnson, OT

        12.   Miami Dolphins – D.J. Fluker, OT

        The Phins went "All in" for 2013 and for Jeff Ireland`s sake they should hit on all their FA signings. Now move last years pick to the left side and enter this mammoth tackle to the right side. Richie "Personal Foul" should be happy again...

        13.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sheldon Richardson, DT

        The Bucs lost nearly all there CB "talent" last year. I still will not pick one, because the potential of SR is too much to overlook. I had him a little too high ast time, but this is the place he should go off the board! It would help the D (most the CB) immense if he can provide some more inside push next to McCoy.

        Previous pick: Xavier Rhodes, CB

        14.   Carolina Panthers – Star Lotulelei, DT

        The former projected top 3 pick is a highlight to happen for a struggling Panthers D at #14. I still think the teams will not trust the final medical check of his heart condition, so he is doing better than in my second Mock Draft but still not top 10. The Panthers fill one of their huge needs and this rock solid addition will make everybody around him better. Even last years DROY.

        Previous pick: Ezekiel Ansah, DE

        Previous pick: Sharrif Floyd, DT

        15.   New Orleans Saints – Björn Werner DE/OLB (3-4)

        The Saints would have loved to get one of those DT going of my board at 13 and 14. Damontre Moore was not spectacular with his 40 times again, and so I think they will take a loooong look at J. Jones or even Björn Werner wh shold have the ability to rush from a 3-4. Here you go German fellow.

        Previous pick: Damontre Moore, DE/OLB (3-4)

        Previous pick: Dion Jordan, OLB (3-4)

        16.   St. Louis Rams – Jonathan Cooper, G

        I wrote earlier that Fisher slammed his glasses again. Jim Thomas wrote that the Rams will have a hard time passing an Ogletree at 16 but that would be a wasted chance with clear other needs on the improving roster. Rams will make Sam happy, complete the O line re-shuffling and they still can pick their next wideout with #22 or second round. If nobody else is jumping in between.

        Previous pick: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR

        Previous pick: Kenny Vaccaro, S

        17.   Pittsburgh Steelers – Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB (3-4)

        WR could become the pressing need when they decide not to match the NE offer for E. Sanders. But for me the Steelers are all about a great D and they have to make a impact pick to regain this image to be one of the best. This guy will be a force in a Steelers uniform and a impact OLB is much more of a need to them as a ILB.

        Previous pick: Alec Ogletree, ILB

        18.   Dallas Cowboys – Alec Ogletree, ILB

        A little bit of a risky move but this guy is made for a 4-3 defense and Dallas needs all the help making the transition. Guards to be considered are both gone in this Mock so say hello to a dynamic and nasty LB. Safety could be an option too.

        Previous pick: Ezekiel Ansah, DE

        19.   New York Giants – Damontre Moore, DE/OLB (3-4)

        The Giants love to rush the passer and they have formed a real identity with all those DE`s from the past. This guy was rated very high in the past and so the Giant will gladly pick him up here at #19.

        Previous pick: Star Lotulelei, DT

        Previous pick: Manti Te'o, MLB

        20.   Chicago Bears – Menelik Watson, OT

        Just thinking out loud. I still have not picked a QB, which of course will not happen here at #20: A QB`s best friend can also be a TE, but the Bears did a great job in finding one in FA. Otherwise Tyler Eifert would be my pick. Despite having fun when Cutler is once again on his back, the team and front office will try to avoid this scenario. 

        Previous pick: Jonathan Cooper, G

        21.   Cincinnati Bengals – Kenny Vaccaro, S

        Have to pick a safety because it is a huge need, the best one is still available and the Rams threaten to take Vaccaro with the next pick

        Previous pick: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR

        22.   Buffalo Bills (Trade with Rams from Redskins 2012 - RGIII) – Geno Smith, QB

        No QB gone until this pick but now fear strikes that the Vikings could move their first, first round pick and that enables the Rams to trade down again in this years draft. Rams can do it because good WR`s are still available, E. Lacy, too and Vaccaro went to Bengals #21. Bills stay agressive and pick up their potential future starting QB in Geno Smith. A steal at #22.

        Previous pick: Tyler Eifert, TE 

        Previous pick: Sheldon Richardson, DT

        23.   Minnesota Vikings – Keenan Allen, WR

        Vikings need to replace the traded P. Harvin and go with the more polished product of a rookie WR here. His poor 40y time will not hurt him not any longer and he goes of the board to the WR needy Vikings.

        24.   Indianapolis Colts – Desmond Trufant, CB

        According to the latest buzz, he should be looong gone but after the FA CB market went somehow strange in 2013, I think it will not be overvalued in the Draft, too. Nice pick up if this happens next Thursday and provides the Colts with a nice starting CB duo.

        Previous pick: Menelik Watson, OT

        Previous pick: Johnthan Banks, CB (out)

        25.   Minnesota Vikings (Trade with Seahawks - P. Harvin) – Sylvester Williams, DT (new)

        A team could also move into the first to pick up a second QB (ARZ or NYJ) but the Vikings are to glad to pick up the services of a good DT prospect here at #25. Now Sly gain learn from Kev and will succeed him for years to come.

        Previous pick: Datone Jones, DE (out)

        Previous pick: Zach Ertz, TE

        26.   Green Bay Packers – Tyler Eifert, TE

        They really paid - of course Clay Mathews - but also "drop it like its hot" Finley. Tyler Eifert would be a nice long time replacment but their are also needs on the O line (C and OT). C. Patterson is also available in this Mock version but a late round addition should be enough with all those WR weapons around.I like the Notre Dame TE most here.

        Previous pick: Zach Ertz, TE (out)

        Previous pick: Eddie Lacy, RB

        27.   Houston Texans – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR

        Too much talent to drob further down. Also a position of need and a nice, a very nice complement to A. Johnson. I think this would be a dynamic duo for Matt Schaub. Otherwise he is gone sooooon.

        Previous pick: Kevin Minter, ILB (out)

        Previous pick: Mike Glennon, QB (out)

        28.   Denver Broncos – Tank Carradine, DE (new)

        I would love to name it "fax-gate" but regardless of what happend. Fact is: Elvis Dumervil is a Raven. Wow... So the luxury of getting a RB who could be a beast, has to be ignored and the need for a replacment DE is more of a urgency here.

        Previous pick: Eddie Lacy, RB (out)

        Previous pick: Barrett Jones, C (out)

        29.   New England Patriots –DeAndre Hopkins, WR (new)

        Another TE, noooo. Just kidding but a there are always only a few few needs on this roster. For me WR is still a need despite having signed three in FA. For me of those three only AD is a threat. This time they keep their 1st round pick and sign a really good outside weapon for old Mc Tom.

        Previous pick: Buffalo Bills (Trade with Patriots) – Matt Barkley, QB (out)

        30.   Atlanta Falcons –D.J Hayden, CB (new)

        Who is desperate enough to overpay for getting a shot at a QB in round one. Noooobody, because Falcons can close a nice gap in their secondary with this uprising talent. Maybe gone like Trufant but same reason he is still available.

        Previous pick: Desmond Trufant, CB

        Previous pick: Sam Montgomery, DE (out)

        31.   San Francisco 49ers – Johnathan Hankins, NT

        Same pick from start to finish. Hard to find another need on this stacked roster. Margus Hunt could be an option but only as a future replacement at 3-4 DE. Or Zach Ertz at the TE position.

        32.   Baltimore Ravens –Jonathan Cyprien, S (new)

        Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, wow some kind of strange to miss both of them in a Raven uniform next season. Ed is still in the league and after signing Rolando McClain I think replacing Ed is the bigger priority in round 1. Again a Safety from the Sunshine State.

        Previous pick: Manti Te'o, MLB (out)

        Previous pick: Kevin Minter, ILB

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