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Home NFL Mock Drafts 2012 NFL Mock Drafts Moose911 2012 NFL Mock Draft Moose911`s second 2012 NFL Mock Draft is up

Moose911`s second 2012 NFL Mock Draft is up

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Moose911`s second 2012 NFL Mock Draft is up, right in the middle of FA. One draft day trade is always included.

I would love to get some comments on my Mock, of course also critical comments and what you honestly think about the picks. But pleeease, keep in mind that I am not a native USA born football fan, so be gentle and leave them with style and respect.

If you want to have your 2012 NFL Mock Draft posted, submit it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and it will be published here or submit your link and we add it to our Mock Draft Database.

The following players entered the first round:

·         Stephon Gilmore, CB

·         Alshon Jeffery, WR

·         Kevin Zeitler, G

The following players dropped out of the first round:

·         Devon Still, DT

·         Peter Konz, C

·         Josh Robinson, CB

The biggest “Gainer” within the first round:

·         Kendall Wright, WR (from no.29 to no.21)

The biggest “Dropper” within the first round:

·         Courtney Upshaw, DE (from no.10 to no.18)

1.       Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB

    Boring pick because everybody has him #1. I will swim with all the other guys who have him first. On the other hand, I would really pop out on Walter`s Mock Draft database, picking RG III first. Wink

    2.       Washington Redskins – (Trade with Redskins) Robert Griffin III, QB


      Missed in my first Mock with the no-trade prediction badly, but who could have imagined that the Redskins offered that much. Three 1st and a second round pick to move up 4 spots. WOW. Now – Boring pick…

      Previous Rams pick: Justin Blackmon, WR

      No trade. Why??!!  Free Agency could prove me wrong but for me it`s Payton to Skins. Flynn to MIA, Chiefs and Seahawks are too far down in the draft chart. Cleveland will wait if STL really picks him up or if they are just bluffing… J. Blackmon is what the Rams need the most.

      3.       Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil, T

        Never thought they will have a problem replacing Bryant McKinnie but they had. Solid pick up and good to go for a decade of Pro Football as a LT.

        4.       Cleveland Browns – Justin Blackmon, WR


          Same phrase like above at #2... “Missed my first prediction badly, but who could have imagined that the Redskins offered that much.” Mike Holmgren is angry at the Rams, who failed again to acquire a WR for Sam Bradford. Obvious what Mike H. will do, especially because of his own needs, but also as nice high kick ala Bruce Lee aimed at the Rams.

          Previous pick: Robert Griffin III, QB

          Obvious pick if really available at #4. Mike Holmgren gets his guy and Pat Shurmur has no excuses anymore. Chili will also do a good job with his new QB in a West Coast Offense.

          5.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Maurice Claiborne, CB


            Now they have signed their stud WR, on top a stud OG and a good CB… But I will stay with my old comment because now I think they will loose one of their 2011 starting CB`s to retirement or suspension. If not, I will change to trade down or Trent Richardson, who could also be gone at #4.


            Ronde Barber can`t play forever and despite a WR they could use a stud CB. Surprise comment, because nearly every team could use a stud CB. Wink

            6.       St. Louis Rams – (Trade with Redskins) Trent Richardson, RB


              I think the Rams would love to trade down again, when above scenario is happening on Draft Day. There is also a good chance that in another scenario Mr. Blackmon is still available, who would be a no-brainer pick up for the Rams. Blackmon would make their Redskins trade a 1000% strike and hit. In this scenario the Rams pick their next great RB in their even greater history of RB`s. This “Do-it-all” Running Back will pound away as SJax`s backup and will start with begin of the 2013 season.

              Previous Redskins pick: Michael Floyd, WR

              In my scenario they have Payton Manning, so #6 for Ryan Tannehill seams far to high, to develop him behind Payton.  No worthy WR available, wait, the Raiders maybe will no longer do stupid things but Dan Snyder will panic a bit and the pick is Michael Floyd from the Irish.

              7.       Jacksonville Jaguars – Quinton Coples, DE


                Free Agency shuffled nothing, missed also on Tebow… Same pick and see comment below.


                Not easy because FA will shuffle team needs and maybe the Jags will get a WR or DE from the FA pool. But therefore Mr. Khan has to open his pockets but he will not for both positions.

                8.       Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB


                  Free Agency shuffled nothing IN but the Pro Ball MVP OUT of South Beach. No Matt Flynn, never thought of this but now Matt Moore will get competition from THE Cowboy out of A&M. Stock rising around the league maybe no longer there at #8.

                  Previous pick: Melvin Ingram, DE

                  Will switch to a 4-3 and due to “Mute`s” lunch comments, the personal should fit. I am not so sure about that, but I trust his words (regardless of the system) that they could use a pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake.

                  9.       Carolina Panthers – Michael Brockers, DT

                    I missed badly on Cam in my 2011 Mock Draft, but who cares… TE`s are solid, Steve Smith had a very fine year, RB`s are in place but play calling for them was bad as hell. Sooo should be a D-player for sure. Potential panned out for them with Cam Newton so I guess they will pass on “Hell of a Combine” Poe for Michael Brockers of LSU.

                    10.   Buffalo Bills – Michael Floyd, WR


                      One of my favorite players was Bruce Smith and I really like the fact that Buffalo went back to their roots and signed the biggest price in my personal FA ranking. They added another good pass rusher so I don`t think the will go D line. Surprise me and help out Harvard-Fitz. How you like this pick and comment Wink???

                      Previous pick: Courtney Upshaw, DE

                      Same like their arch rival from Miami the Bills switch back to a 4-3. Remember their pick from last year? He put in a very good season and as a 3-technique he will flourish. Bills need now a lineman next to him to rush the passer from the outside. 4th D-liner in a row in my Mock.

                      11.   Kansas City Chiefs – Dontari Poe, DT


                        No longer a trade with the Bengals because Cincinnati picked up Green-Ellis and T-Rich is not available. Chiefs fixed lot of team needs during FA (RT-Winston, RB-Hillis) and also replaced the lost starting CB in advance with S. Routt. Dontari Poe moves up to #11 because those players are a rare find like Haloti Ngata and they need help up front

                        Previous pick: Cincinnati Bengals (Trade with Chiefs) Trent Richardson, RB

                        Kill me for not having the obvious RG III trade on top, but having this one. For me it makes sense. Bengals will not get a RB of this caliber at #17 and do not have one (bye bye Cedric 3 ypc) Of course the new Bengals will not give up both first rounders to move down. Chiefs will pick up another pick (2nd) or more other picks (3rd, 4th …).

                        12.   Seattle Seahawks – Melvin Ingram, DE


                          Why not the previous pick? Because he is gone at #8 and I still can`t believe Matt Flynn is a Seahawk and not a Dolphin. The D was really good, they gambled on a backup who had some huge games for the Packers, resigned their star RB and have a healthy and talented WR core. A pass rusher opposite Chris Clemons would be nice to have or David DeCastro…

                          Previous pick: Ryan Tannehill, QB

                          Hyped at the moment and if still hyped during draft day, he will be picked here from a team with a huge QB need. Make it 3 QB`s in the first 12 picks.

                          13.   Arizona Cardinals – Riley Reiff, T

                            Best player available and a really good fit for their needs. I am surprised I did not found a team for him in the top 10.

                            14.   Dallas Cowboys – David DeCastro, G


                              I waited a little time in FA and it did not take long and I had an easy answer Wink. Same pick aa in my first Mock Draft because Brandon Carr is now a “BOY”.


                              I am thinking about CB or G. Jenkins or DeCastro? Asante Samuel from the Eagles? And, or, etc.? That is too much to guess at the moment. Let`s wait for FA to start.

                              15.   Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Kuechly, ILB


                                I have read that some scouts don`t like Poe, but in my Mock Draft he is gone this time around. Andy Read likes building the trenches but the inured Jason Peter will be replaced with a FA… Poor Jets because now the Eagles take away their beloved LB pick.

                                Previous pick: Dontari Poe, DT

                                I almost guess a LB or a DT. Both guys I think about had a great combine but very athletic and strong big men are hard to find. Think of Haloti Ngata.

                                16.   New York Jets – Stephen Hill, WR


                                  Again… This time both of my “JETS-would-like-2have-players” are gone. Forget Plex and Edwards this is the big WR with lots of talent and speed who is a MUST have…

                                  Previous pick: Luke Kuechly, ILB:

                                  The pick the Eagles made in my mock at #15 really hurts the J.E.T.S, Jets Jets Jets. Most of the NFL fans outside like this fact since Big Mouth Rex Ryan took over. They get and need the player I thought about at #15. Are his roots from Switzerland? Luuuuuuke Küchli…

                                  17.   Cincinnati Bengals – Dre Kirkpatrick, CB


                                    It helps to have talented CB`s in the league and especially if you play Big Ben two times a year. Pot=Bengals so they team him up with Pacman for the Cincinnati Tea/Pot Party…

                                    Previous pick: Kansas City Chiefs (Trade with Bengals) Jonathan Martin, T

                                    Tackle is a huge need opposite from B. Albert. Whoever is the QB (not there at #17) for the Chiefs he has a great RB behind him, a franchised Dwayne Bowe and a promising young TE to throw to. And he now has a solid o-line in front of him too.

                                    18.   San Diego Chargers – Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB (3-4)


                                      S. Hill was robbed by the Jets. On the other hand they signed two WR (E. Royal and R. Meacham) so time to get a pass rusher.

                                      Previous pick: Stephen Hill, WR

                                      No V-Jax, declining Antonio Gates, questionable o-line… That’s not music in the ears of P. Rivers. The D is also not known for pressuring the QB, so I see a declining team to questionable Front Office decisions. Help your best player and protect him or give him a weapon and protect him using FA or the next round of the Draft.

                                      19.   Chicago Bears – Cordy Glenn, G/T


                                        Good luck the Backup QB is gone, B. Marshall we have a “Megatron” like year for the Bears topping 100 catches, 1400y and 10+ TDs. You read it here first. Still same pick and he helps Cutler to stay upright for at least two seconds.


                                        Mad Mike is gone, but I think it will not be to Jay Cutler`s disadvantage. He just needs more time, which was better last year but do you want to have his backup again in the game for the last several games. No!

                                        20.   Tennessee Titans – Stephon Gilmore, CB


                                          “Dr. Dre” is gone to the Bengals at #21 but after Gilmores superb Pro Day the Titans will take a very good and large CB prospect without legal trouble in the past.

                                          Previous pick: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB

                                          Griffin was franchised, so I guess they have to replace Cortland Finnegan. I think with the 20th pick the Titans will be intrigued with the talent available at CB and take a risk with character issues.

                                          21.   Cincinnati Bengals – Kendall Wright, WR


                                            No need because in my second Mock Draft they already selected a CB at #17. RB, WR or G would be nice in my opinion after doing some nice, low budget-high value re-signings in FA. I think the line is fine and C. Glenn is gone, so fire power is what it takes in this century of NFL Football… Now cover all those weapons… RB will be taken care of in one of the following rounds.

                                            Previous pick: Janoris Jenkins, CB

                                            After making a rock solid move in my mock earlier today, the Bengals will do risky business like the Titans above. Maybe riskier and so I copied the sentence for you. … will be intrigued with the talent available at CB and take a risk with character issues.

                                            22.   Cleveland Browns – Lamar Miller, RB


                                              Like mentioned before, I missed badly on my predictions with no-trade at #2. Now, in this Mock Cleveland has already a top new WR (#4 pick), still C. McCoy at the helm and the pick will be the same because they let P. Hillis go to KC.


                                              First pick was RG III and Browns fans will love to see that because of NO trade they still have a pick to replace Madden Cover 11 with a real playmaker from THE U.

                                              23.   Detroit Lions – Janoris Jenkins, CB


                                                Now one of those CB`s is available… See previous comment below.

                                                Previous pick: Dont'a Hightower, LB

                                                Franchised Cliff Avril, which was a very good move. If one of those CB`s would be available I think they would have pulled the trigger, but LB is also a huge need.

                                                24.   Pittsburgh Steelers – Jonathan Martin, T


                                                  Despite Dontà Hightower available a stay with my position pick of a T. But they get the better OT this time.

                                                  Previous pick: Mike Adams, T

                                                  No brainer if really available. Ben is BIG but he also has nearly every bone broken year in and year out. Better NOT to be cont…

                                                  25.   Denver Broncos – Fletcher Cox, DT


                                                    See comment below for my position pick ( I changed players), but cancel the comment with the D. Payton is now on board to fix some of those overthrown passes and do you also see Eric Decker going to the Pro Bowl in January 2013???

                                                    Previous pick: Devon Still, DT

                                                    The Denver Broncos played some of the strangest NFL football I have ever seen the last season. But they were successful. Their D has to be on top of its game and one of the best in the league to win. So another piece to ensure that will be another strong interior D-lineman.

                                                    26.   Houston Texans – Dont'a Hightower, LB


                                                      I really don`t like the personal moves the Texans made, except the long term deal for Arian Foster. So I will also back off my “Sky is the limit” phrase in my last comment. They will replace their team leader over the last years in the middle of their D with a high draft pick.

                                                      Previous pick: Nick Perry, OLB (3-4)

                                                      What a year for the Texans, despite all the injuries. I still can`t believe that Mario Williams will not be back but it will be a “soon to be fact”. They bring in a new pass rush beast and to be honest a more natural fit for their great 3-4 defense. Sky is the limit for this team…

                                                      27.   New England Patriots – Mark Barron, SS

                                                        I don`t know which kind of help the offense would need more than a WR. Brandon Llyod is almost in Pats gear by now. Pass rush help or adding a DB using the Draft could also be possible to provide some help. Edelman will not be thrilled to play 2-way again. Wink Who cares…

                                                        28.   Green Bay Packers – Mike Adams, T


                                                          Jeff Saturday could be the happiest Center in the world and the Packers as a team, too. Who else switches teams and plays for another Future Hall of Fame QB, so no need to draft Peter Konz anymore. Mike Adams is still available in my Mock Draft so just take him…

                                                          Previous pick: Peter Konz, C

                                                          Short analysis: C will leave via FA, 10 year starter will be brought in. That’s da Packer way.

                                                          29.   Baltimore Ravens – Nick Perry, OLB (3-4)


                                                            Forget the comment below. Now that J. Johnson is a Charger and K. Wright is already gone in my Mock. The result is: “D, D, D pressure the QB.”

                                                            Previous pick: Kendall Wright, WR

                                                            Why do I always want to draft a D player for this team Wink? I will not because surprisingly this WR is still on my board. Lack of speed in the 40y dash has let him slip here.

                                                            30.   San Francisco 49ers – Kevin Zeitler, G


                                                              Lot`s of FA movement on the West Coast. Signed WR`s and resigned all their key defensive studs, so I don`t see a them picking a D player. The right side of the O-line is questionable, so I upgrade it here with my pick which is a little bit of a reach at #30.

                                                              Previous pick: Josh Robinson, CB

                                                              I went to one of my heroes and also checked out his famous Mayocks Top 5 selections to find out, if I could pick a QB for the 49ers here. No, don’t think so Wink, but on the other hand, if Alex Smith leaves… No, but Carlos Rodgers will never ever have such a good year again and leave overpaid to a CB desperate team. Here comes the 2012 NFL Combine Fastest Player and a pretty solid CB, too.

                                                              31.   New England Patriots – Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB (3-4)

                                                                And here comes the pass rush help. Perfect if he still sits there at #31.

                                                                32.   Miami Dolphins (Trade with the Giants) – Alshon Jeffery, WR


                                                                  In fear that the Rams will make Alshon Jeffery the first pick of the 2nd round the Dolphins will deal with the Giants. The have some picks to pull this off.

                                                                  Previous Giants pick: Fletcher Cox, DT

                                                                  Big value here at the end of the 1st round for the defending SB champs. This guy will really help those great DE on the outside to be even more disruptive.

                                                                  Comments (2)
                                                                  pick 30
                                                                  1 Tuesday, 10 April 2012 11:26
                                                                  This pick is shit. IF we sign a first round lineman never ever Zeitler. Konz would make more sense
                                                                  trade into 1 round
                                                                  2 Thursday, 12 April 2012 11:51
                                                                  no trade will happen. In this scenario the phins would wait and take maybe another of the deep class of available receivers
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