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Moose911 2011 NFL Mock Draft

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Moose911`s first 2011 NFL Mock Draft is up…

I would love to get some comments on this one, of course also critical comments and what you honestly think about the picks. But pleeease, keep in mind that I am not a native USA born football fan Wink, so be gentle and leave them with style and respect.

One draft day trade is always included.

Have fun – Moose911

1.       Carolina Panthers – A.J. Green, WR

    This year is a lot more difficult. QB? Nah they tried Clausen and will make the mistake to give him another full year as a starter. Then they will try their “Luck” with Andrew in 2012. CB? No, Peterson is good but no lobby behind to go No.1. DT or DE? No, I don`t think there is a SUH out there this year (M. Dareus is close…). Steve Smith is declining and they need a target for their future QB and A.J. will be their next “bigger” Steve Smith. They need an upgrade in the passing game and that’s the reason they choose an O player instead of a D player.  J. Jones could also be in the mix but both guys are a reach at no.1.

    2.       Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus, DT

      310+ pound of pure power and talent. I think this guy will help bring some stability to Denver`s bad D. It starts up front and this guy will clock the middle and generate a lot of pressure up the middle.

      3.       Buffalo Bills – Blaine Gabbert, QB

        I think he is the best pure QB prospect of the 2011 class. Buffalo is not a place where Cam Newton would like to be. And Buffalo will not gamble at no.3 and bring in a clubhouse cancer and a ME-Shawn type of guy. Despite the fact of the relative good T.O. experience two years ago. Harvard-Fitz is good but Gabbert can be the solution at QB.

        4.       Cincinnati Bengals – Cam Newton, QB

          Akili, Akili … The Bengals are the team that messes up again with Cam Newton or get the next Mick Vick. They took a one year wonder back in the past with Akili Smith and paid the price. They always bring in character projects and will trade away Carson Palmer. Cam, #85 and T.O.

          WOW, this could be fun next year Wink. Just kidding…

          5.       Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller, OLB (3-4)

            Fast, aggressive and explosive. Just everything the Cardinals need on Defense. He will be the third star player on D. besides D. Dockett and A. Wilson.

            6.       Cleveland Browns – Julio Jones, WR

              His 40 at the combine was enough to make the Skins and the Rams screeeeam! Why?! He is gone with no. 6 overall pick to the Browns. This guy and P. Hillis will make the Browns O so much harder to defend.

              7.       San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson, CB

                The offense was horrible last year. But! I want this guy to get drafted since the no.1 pick. He will learn from N. Clement and both will make life hard for the young and old NFC West QB`s. Great pick and value at no. 7

                8.       Tennessee Titans – Nick Fairley , DT

                  They have the tradition of a tough D and they still miss the “competitive” version of Albert Haynesworth. Not the version who took the money and stopped doing anything on and off the football field. Fairley was no.1 on a few draft boards some weeks ago and he won`t slip past the Titans.

                  9.       Dallas Cowboys – Prince Amukamara,  CB

                    I have the strange feeling that the Boyz will take the second CB of this draft in Prince Amukamara. Terrence Newman is not getting better and not younger so the Cowboys can fill a need here with a good player.

                    10.   Washington Redskins – Jake Locker, QB

                      Both potential superstar WR`s are gone, so the Shananigans will develop a QB prospect or come up with a surprise pick. “Mark Ingram” anybody? Guess what! They trade out of it… Nop, the panic and pick Jake “ I don`t have 50 million $” Locker and see what Coach can do.

                      11.   Houston Texans – Robert Quinn, OLB (3-4)

                        I am still not convinced that you change your D if your standout DE is made for a 4-3. They did it and Mario Williams will also be successful as a pass rusher because he is such a good player. They will add more speed and pressure from the edge and select Robert Quinn from North Carolina. He has huge upside and Peyton and Co will see and feel him a lot.

                        12.   Minnesota Vikings – Da`Quan Bowers, DE

                          They need pass rush help and they need a QB and if Sydney Rice departs a WR. Possible! Not possible because 3 QB gone in my version and the best two WR too. Willliams Wall is getting old in the middle but still there. Ray Edwards is not the answer and a FA opposite Jarrod Allen. They picked Griffen last year but he looks like a clubhouse cancer. He dropped and almost forgot this guy but at no. 12 he is a MUST pick. Vikings here is your new young STAR DE in Da`Quan Bowers.

                          13.   Detroit Lions – Tyron Smith, OT

                            M. Stafford and his shoulder are begging for a young quality T for yeeeears now. Ok a couple of years maybe… They choose between Castonzo and Smith. The first T in the 2011 NFL Draft will be…

                            14.   St. Louis Rams – Corey Liuget, DT

                              Fred “Lollipop” Robbins had a huge year for the revamped Rams D but he is not getting younger. The DEnds also were strong but J. Hall is also getting up in age. I don`t think both of them will have another year like 2010, so here you go with a) DT or b) DE. Coach Spags sometimes uses four DE in his pass rush sets but was able to compensate while turning undrafted FA and 7th round picks into good pass rushers. A man in the middle is not so easy to convert for him. So come to the Rams Mr. Liuget, they will be excited with him.

                              15.   Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram, RB

                                Booooooring... Mark Ingram is the pick because no other RB is left on the roster when the lockout ends Wink. Maybe another Williams will head to town via FA but not so sure about that fact.

                                16.   Jacksonville Jaguars – Aldon Smith, DE

                                  The GM said they will take the best player on film… Hmmm lets see.  Who fits? Will they loose Sims-Walker? Regardless of those facts this teams is clearly on the decline and could be LA bound. The pick is Aldon Smith DE from Missouri.

                                  17.   New England Patriots – Ryan Kerrigan, OLB (3-4)

                                    This team is always a contender but I think they should upgrade their DE/OLB RUSH position with this high draft picks. A puss rusher is needed and think taken at no.17. This guy is rising across the 2011 NFL Mock scene and will be a huge asset for the Pats. Probably not there at 17.

                                    18.   San Diego Chargers – Mike Pouncey, OG

                                      Will Vjax be back? P. Rivers and A. Gates are very good but will it be enough with their horde of fast RB`s? Saw the game against the Rams last season and think OL could be good fit for them.

                                      19.   New York Giants – Anthony Castonzo, OT

                                        They need help up front and he is a good one. Could be also long gone and picked by the Lions.

                                        20.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Justin Houston, DE

                                          This team rocked last year while adding two very good players in undrafted RB “Punch it Blount” and 4th round pick M. Williams, WR. Young stud QB and a good TE. Wow sounds like a good O for the near future.  Picked D with no.3 last year and will pick D first again. Put a young DE next to your top two 2010 DT`s.

                                          21.   Kansas City Chiefs – J.J. Watt, DE

                                            KC also had a great turnaround and season like the TB Bucs. They cannot believe that this guy is still on the draft board and pick BPA.

                                            22.   Indianapolis Colts – Nate Solder, OT

                                              Bob Sanders is gone and there is no replacement in the first round at Safety to replace him. In my opinion you have to protect your franchise QB. He is also your OC and maybe HC. Wink OT is the pick here.

                                              23.   Philadelphia Eagles – Gabe Carimi, OT

                                                Vick will be even better in 2011/12. RB is often injured but when healthy a good RB. WR are very good. Protect the Lefty QB! Gabe Carimi also should bring the necessary self confidence to survive within this Eagles roster.

                                                24.   New Orleans Saints – Adrian Clayborn, DE

                                                  The O should be still one of the best in the league. They should be able to resign R. Bush and they will go D with their pick. They need an edge rusher and Adrian Clayborn fits that need very well.

                                                  25.   Philadelphia Eagles (Trade with Seahawks) – Akeem Ayers, OLB

                                                    Hags would love to get their hand on a young QB because they clearly overpaid and will pay for the C. Whitehurst experiment. They will fix this mess and this pick gooooooooes to the Eagles for K. Kolb. If allowed under the current LABOR circumstances.

                                                    Eagles pick is for the D after picking an OT with their first pick in my Mock. OLB Akeem Ayers is still available due to his poor 40yard dash time but now a solid pick.

                                                    26.   Baltimore Ravens – Cameron Jordan, DE (3-4)

                                                      I dislike most of the newer, kind of plastic NFL franchises but you have to love the young tradition of this franchise. This D culture is fabulous. A shame what happened with S. Kindle but despite wasting two early picks last year they proud themselves to get even better and better on Defense. This guy a 3-4 DE and he would be a real surprise if still “pickable” at no.26. but in this version he is.

                                                      27.   Atlanta Falcons – Derek Sherrod, OT

                                                        It depends on the FA, but its hard to replace a few starters on a very good O-line. This guy could be this years Roger Saffold. I don`t see a WR here or a OLB worth of the pick.

                                                        28.   New England Patriots – Mikel Leshoure, RB

                                                          I am almost sure Bill Trade-A-Chick will move this pick and also out of the first again and again and again. But I have no clue to which team so a keep it the original way. A RB to complement BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

                                                          29.   Chicago Bears – Jonathan Baldwin, WR

                                                            The Bears could use a tough Tebow like QB/FB Wink HUH? No I don`t get into it. A WR for Mad Mike sounds good to me and the Bears proved the last years that there are definitely able to evaluate a player. Jon Baldwin is a 6’5 target with enough speed for the NFL to make an impact in this average WR group.

                                                            30.   New York Jets – Jimmy Smith,CB

                                                              Rex Ryan is fixing every player he gets under his wings. Nah, ask Mr. Gholston. But he will enjoy this superb CB talent and he is not a devil like some are saying. He will replace the Jets outspoken and soft CB with 1000 children on the roster.

                                                              31.   Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Ijalana, OT

                                                                I think Big Ben was hit a bit too often last year. Pick is the best OT/OG available. Bye, bye Willie Colon.

                                                                32.   Green Bay Packers – Marvin Austin, DE (3-4)

                                                                  BPA available for the 2010/11 SB Champs. He is a huge pickup at no.32. Will play DE in Packers 3-4 scheme.

                                                                  Comments (7)
                                                                  1 Tuesday, 19 April 2011 23:51
                                                                  a.j. green is a joke at no.1. cam newton is the top guy
                                                                  2 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 17:24
                                                                  No way the Hawks give a 1st for Kevin Kolb, NO WAY!... This Mock SUCKS!
                                                                  3 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 19:20
                                                                  would love that this trade happens. seahawks are desperate enough Mr. Green
                                                                  right on
                                                                  4 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 19:21
                                                                  Ryan Kerrigan would be a huge asset. nice pick
                                                                  5 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 20:38
                                                                  They Jaguars are declining? You must not really follow the NFL.
                                                                  Jags on the decline
                                                                  6 Thursday, 21 April 2011 15:20
                                                                  One game away from winning the division and going to the playoffs. This team will get a solid defensive end and will have strong offensive and defensive lines which will pave the way for years of success. A new quaterback is needed and more help in the linebacker corps and defensive backfield. From my view, they are on the rise.
                                                                  Trade w/Phil
                                                                  7 Friday, 22 April 2011 17:18
                                                                  Even Seattle wouldn't be stupid enough to trade a #1 for Kolb. He may bring a #2 or combo picks later, but NOT a first rounder. You must be a Philly dreamer.
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