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2010 NFL Mock Draft season is underway

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Moose911`s first NFL Mock Draft 2010 is here - right after Super Sunday. One draft day trade is always included.

I would love to get some comments on this one, of course also critical comments and what you honestly think about the picks. But pleeease, keep in mind that I am not a native USA born football fan Wink and I am a second year Mock Draft Player, so be gentle and leave them with style and respect...

Have fun – Moose911


1.       St. Louis Rams – Ndamukong Suh, DT

Rams fill one of their 1000 needs with this can`t miss pick. Tampa Bay would love to have its next version of Warren Sapp but will not trade up to ensure „King kong“ Suh`s services because there is another highly regarded DT available in Gerald McCoy. Rams try to bolster their D-line again with a high first round pick but instead of Carriker, Lewis, Kennedy; „King-Kong“ Suh will have immediate success rushing the passer and help stopping the run. He is also a good addition to help emerging young MLB J. Laurinaitis and to provide the Rams with a solid young D-line, consisting of Clifton Ryan, Chris Long and a hopefully healthy Adam Carriker. No QB here because Rams will cut Bulger, Boller loose and use Spags good relationship with the Eagles to get “Dog Pound” Mike for the already acquired fifth round choice coming from the Witherspoon trade.

 2.       Detroit Lions – Russell Okung, OT

Protect your last year investment is a must for the Lions future success and Russell Okung is a perfect fit at LT for them. Don`t buy into the Backus talk! They try to make the Bucs nervous, because they desperately need a DT, but you will not get anything for this pick Mr. GM. Backus will move to the right side if needed but Russell Okung is the pick here.

Wait a minute - Perhaps another WR bust … Wink?? Just kidding…

3.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy, DT

I wrote it already in this Mock Draft twice. Tampa Bay wants to have its next version of Warren Sapp but will not trade up to ensure them self with a DT`s services because they get one with the no.3 pick. McCoy is an eltie prospect and T.B. has too much problem areas to trade up for Suh. The Bucs and Stafford will cry if Detroit makes McCoy their No.1 pick.

4.       Washington Redskins – Jimmy Clausen, QB

Another hype for a Notre Dame QB since … since … Guess why I can`t remember this guy as a Rams fan. Wink The Redskins hope Jimmy will make them better like #16 did it with the Whiners and he is no Brady Quinn. Snyder want publicity and no other position and name can bring this much excitement to the Nations capitol.

5.       Cleveland Browns (Trade with KC) – Sam Bradford, QB

Mangini wants his guy and gets his his QB of the future with this trade. Shawn Rogers will be traded to K.C. incl. third rounders 2010/2011 and B. Quinn will be the high priced fallen backup dude.

6.       Seattle Seahawks – Bruce Campbell, OT

Like Orlando Pace, Walter Jones is nearly done and when do you get the possibility to replace a HOF LT. You have to take your chance on an athletic prospect like Bruce Campbell who will excel at the Scouting Combine and move up the scouts draft boards.

7.       Kansas City Chiefs (Trade with CLE)– Eric Berry, S

Ed Reed type of a safety!!! A safety cannot be an impact player???!!!  COME`on… We all know better and I don`t see a better defensive back on this D roster. Additional 3rd rounders will help during rebuilding process and Big Shawn Rogers is a true NT.

8.       Oakland Raiders – Taylor Mays, S

Al Davis is crying, losing his nerves in the draft room because he was not able to pull one off and draft the FASTEST OT in the draft. Good bye Taylor Mays you are going to Oakland. Very fearless prediction after ™`s showing in the Senior Bowl but you know what? No pain! No gain…

Btw. how many catches had their 2009 first round pick last season?

9.       Buffalo Bills – Anthony Davis, OT

Go for the BPA or with position need is a big question for the Bills. They drafted a CB in the first round in 2008, so no Joe Haden here, and traded away Pro bowler J. Peters last year. The will need the help up front and reach for Anthony Davis.

10.   Denver Broncos – Dez Bryant, WR

All signs point to the fact that Brandon Marshall will be traded (have you seen his statement on, HAH what a joke!) and I am not so sure they are able to get a 1st round pick for him in return. They have to replace him and will select the best WR out of this class.

11.   Jacksonville Jaguars – Joe Haden, CB

BPA policy will succeed in a 1st round steal and a young complement and then successor for the aging but solid Rasheeeeeeed Mathis. Top player pick up for Jacksonville and no Tim Tebow here for the L.A. Jaguars. How you like the West Coast?

12.   Miami Dolphins – Rolando McClain, ILB

One spot after the first CB was taken Miami answers with the first LB and fills a hugh need by picking up a very good ILB. OLB could also be an option here, but Dolphins “Master Tuna” will pull one out in the 3rd or 4th round. Joey Porter will be gone this offseason, but J.T. will survive for another year at the other OLB spot and to mentor the young guns.

13.   San Francisco 49ers – Earl Thomas, S

Another ball hawk for an aggressive D will make life miserable for Matt Leinhard, Keith Null (Hopefully NOT) and Matt “the elder statesman” Hasselbeck.

14.   Seattle Seahawks – C.J. Spiller, RB

They tried to gamble that the second best safety would fall into their hands, but the division rival took charge and took him at No. 13. C.J. Spiller is the best back in this years draft and could be a perfect fit for old Matt. This addition could help him to have one more successful year and he also has a brand new LT to help him up front.

15.   New York Giants – Derrick Morgan, DE

A steal and maybe the steal of the first round for the N.Y. Giants at No.15 because the teams in front of them decided to fill their positional needs instead of selecting an above average pass rusher and good DE against the run. Let`s see if the first DE will really go at No. 15. I have to admit, VERY, very unlikely, when you look at the value that an elite DE can bring to a team.

16.   San Francisco 49ers – Jason Pierre Paul, OLB (3-4)

Here you go with another playmaker on D. JPP did not get the best grades at the senior bowl but he is the best pass rushing 3-4 OLB in this years class and like DE, this a position of need here. 49ers D will be a nasty unit next year with these two first round additions.

17.   Tennessee Titans – Brian Price, DT

I am almost sure Tennessee selects a D-liner with this pick but I am not sure if it’s a DE or a DT. They had their best time with “Haynes” clocking the middle and I`ll decide to go with the DT Brian Price instead of the DE`s Everson Griffen or Carlos Dunlap.

18.   Pittsburgh Steelers – Trent Williams, OT

Some might argue that another Williams (Dan) could also fit the Steelers need, but I think Casey has one to three years left in his tank. Big Ben won`t have another century in his tank, if he gets hit like last season and so the Steelers will find someone for him.

19.   Atlanta Falcons – Everson Griffen, DE

Me but maybe it is just me, thinks all over again about letting Kerney go some years ago… He had some good years in Seattle, but fact is, he is long gone. They will try again to find a replacement to get at least a little pass rush and Griffen is their man.

20.   Houston Texans – Damian Wiliams, WR

The reason they go with a wideout? Because they won`t be able get a defensive player, that will help them stopping Payton Manning. This automatic QB from the Colts is the reason they never advanced to the playoffs despite having a good team the last couple of years. Imagine having another weapon next to one of the best WR in the NFL. Matt Schaub will explode next season.

21.   Cincinnati Bengals – Arrelious Benn, WR

They lost Housh and Henry last season. Chad was not able to do anything in the playoffs and L. Coles was just so-so and is not getting younger. Arrelious fits into their “questionable character” politics and has a huge upside. But, maybe T.O. is moving again to another city. Imagine a TD celebration after Chad threw a pass to T.O. I can see them driving Ochos truck onto the field.

22.   New England Patriots – Dan Williams, NT

Surprise, surprise? Not at all, if you take a closer look at the philosophy up there in “Kraft-contry” and after that kind of a statement by Vince Wilfork. Ask Ashante Samuel, who did a heck of a job and did not get the bucks form N.E. They WILL slap “Big Wil” with the FRANCHISE tag in his face and then he will get traded on draft day for less than a first rounder, but N.E. will get their share of draft picks.

23.   Green Bay Packers – Bryan Bulaga, OT

Aaron Rodgers was sacked a lot in the first half of the season and I am not sure Mark Tauscher can help out on demand for another year. B.B. is not a LT but at no. 23 he is a valuable addition for a Packer team that needs desperate help on the both OT spots.

24.   Philadelphia Eagles – Sean Weatherspoon, OLB (4-3)

Andy Reid knows talent, loves passion and he will add a second spoon to his Geschirr.  I think the old Spoon will be gone until September 10 or could serve as a valuable backup for all three LB spots.

25.   Baltimore Ravens – Golden Tate, WR

Will the Ravens ever, ever have another good WR besides Desmond Mason? He will come back for another good year, no doubt about it, but the Ravens have to find a young version of him. 80% of D.M. would be better than any other WR on this roster. Golden Tate has this potential but will he come through at the pro level?

26.   Arizona Cardinals – Carlos Dunlap, DE

No pressure on Drew Brees. That was the key why Arizona had to leave the playoffs. They switch their D a lot between the 4-3 and the 3-4, but I think they are a better suited to play a 4-3. Carlos Dunlap is a true 4-3 end with a little character concern, but after Lord Kurt is gone that should`t be much of a problem.

27.   Dallas Cowboys – Mike Iupati, G

Dallas was always in love with heavy o-lineman and already have monster Pro Bowl Guard Leonhard Davis on one side. They will add this rare but very raw talent but have the coaches and the veteran presence to help him out and turn him into a future star within the stars. Wink

Off topic: I still hate the “star of the stars” quote from NBA commissioner David Stern while honoring Michael Jordan the “All Star Game MVP” nearly 20 years ago.

28.   San Diego Chargers – Jahvid Best, RB

It depends on FA. If they loose both WR to free agency a WR could be an option here. Maybe also a RB if LT2 doesn`t take a pay cut. I think the second option is likelier and have you seen this kid from CAL. They already have “Mighty Mouse” as a change of pace and 3rd down back to give the rookie some time to breath.

29.   New York Jets – Brandon Graham, OLB (3-4)

It is time to get rid off the Eric Mangini experiment in form of Vernon Gholston. The Jets need to get outside pressure out f their 3-4 D and the speedy 6’1 OLB will bring it on. Brandon Graham had a nice outing in the Senior Bowl and established himself as a late first to early second rounder

30.   Minnesota Vikings – Donovan Warren, CB

It is early, so the Vikings face the wait and see game. Will the “Williams wall” become a William wall and will BrINT become Grandpa Simpson or go for another year? They have enough QB`s in place so drafting a QB is not an option here. Regardless of that, not one of the remaining QB`s is worth of consideration at this draft spot. The injury to Cedric Griffin will help them with their decision and so CB Donovan Warren is their pick. It also makes sense because “the Mad Scientist” is now coaching the Bears O and THE Pack is also offering a lot in the passing game.

31.   Indianapolis Colts – Jared Odrick, DT

Dwight Freeney is not getting younger and the backups are not useable for a longer period of time. Seen the second half of the SB… The B’D-liner’A is a DT, but Jared Odrick is a heck of a pass rusher and fits the need for the Colts with this skill set. Definitely worth the pick and better then any 4-3 DE left on the draft board.

32.   New Orleans Saints – Kyle Wilson, CB,

“Corner, Corner, Cornerback“. To be honest: I never heard of him before the Senior Bowl, but now I am sure he is Mr. Relevant for the Saints. His “Shutdown Senior Bowl week” and the weak Saints CB group, will make him the last pick of the first round.

Comments (6)
1 Saturday, 13 February 2010 14:39
No way Detroit picks an OT. They will select a DT for sure
steeler pick
2 Saturday, 13 February 2010 14:43
Pittsburgh goes with Dan Williams. They need a Nose Tackle.
3 Tuesday, 16 February 2010 22:00
nice picks, nice page - keep it up!
4 Wednesday, 17 February 2010 00:13
holmgren running draft not mangini. browns won't trade up to get qb. you must be kc fan
Browns Pick
5 Monday, 22 February 2010 03:13
I don't see the Browns giving up Shaun Rogers and two third round picks just to move up a couple of spots.
6 Thursday, 25 February 2010 04:57
I like your prediction, Big Mike is a pure Mauler, but I do see alot of teams needing OL like the Steelers who he would be a good fit for, If Iupati is gone I predict we will go Terrance Cody and Solidify our DL move Ratliff out to DE on Spencer's Side, Now who are you going to Double? Ware, Rat, Cody or Spencer??? thinning out Defenses
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