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Jensen Mocks the 3rd time

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The front runner is going to work again...GO RYAN!!! 32 hits would make you famous around the net... Money mouth


1. Detroit Lions – QB Matthew Stafford

Sure pick, if he’s not to greedy for money – then the Lions could turn to Curry and Stafford might fall out of the top 10 and lose more bucks.



2. St. Louis Rams – OT Jason Smith

I’d love to see the Rams go defence, but they will draft the total package and restart the franchise on the shoulders of a run-based offence.



3. Kansas City Chiefs – OT Eugene Monroe

Save your franchise quarterback and let the old OLB’s earn their charity.



4. Seattle Seahawks – OLB Aaron Curry

Jackpot – forget about all the Sanchez-talk, you can have the best pupil at No. 4.



5. Cleveland Brown – DE/LOLB Brian Orakpo

My prediction as this year’s draft-bust – his stock rose in the hybrid-mania.



6. Cincinnati Bengals – WR Michael Crabtree

The Bengals need a OT, but pass on Smith and Oher because they are afraid to load up the clubhouse with petty criminals, are they?



7. Oakland Raiders – WR Jeremy Maclin

With the 7th pick, the Oakland Stop Clocks pick WR Maclin.



8. Jacksonville Jaguars – OT Andre Smith

Maybe the only team that loves him, but that’s enough to be set for life.



9. Green Bay Packers – B.J. Raji

The diners in Wisconsin are already research the perfect ingredients for the B.J. Burger.



10. San Francisco 49ers – QB Mark Sanchez

The typical surfer boy stays at his hunting ground.



11. Buffalo Bills – OT Michael Oher

The Peters replacement saves money during the financial crisis.



12. Denver Broncos – OLB Brian Cushing

Romanowski’s successor will upgrade the defence immediately.



13. Washington Redskins – DE Tyson Jackson

The insurance for the 100 million investment in Albert.



14. New Orleans Saints – CB/S Malcom Jenkins

Corner or safety – the Saints need both, so he’s a sure pick.



15. Houston Texans – WR Darius Heyward-Bey

Why not create the Texans version of Fitzgerald/Boldin?



16. San Diego Chargers – ILB Ray Maualuga

Another defensive playmaker makes this team a superbowl contender.



17. New York Jets – RB Knowshon Moreno

Clemens or Ratliff will get a chance and Moreno is the insurance for two displeased running backs.



18. Denver Broncos – DE Everett Brown

The second firstrounder that was spent on the defence – Orton or Simms better succeed.



19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Perria Jerry

Step one to reinstall the old glory days.



20. Detroit Lions – OT William Beatty

Do it Atlanta-Style – draft a quarterback and then over pursue on a OT.



21. Philadelphia Eagles – RB Chris Wells

Draft for the future and short yard situations.



22. Minnesota Vikings – OT Eben Britton

Even a fridge would be an upgrade on the right side.



23. New England Patriots – DE/OLB Aaron Maybin

Typical New England player – he will open the eyes on the second blink.



24. Atlanta Falcons – DT Evan Hood

The lack of DT talent and a pool of good tight ends are the reasons for this pick.



25. Miami Dolphins – OLB Clay Matthews

It’s time for Bill to draft another Bobby Carpenter.



26. Baltimore Ravens – WR Kenny Britt

Flacco is not a phantom anymore – he needs another weapon to shine again.



27. Indianapolis Colts – ILB James Laurinaitis

Depends on who wears the breeches – if it’s Payton then this is gonna be a WR.



28. Buffalo Bills – TE Brandon Pettigrew

On the one hand a need – on the other the best player available.



29. New York Giants – WR Brian Robiskie

The Browns pick – whether they gave up Braylon or not.



30. Tennessee Titans – DE Larry English

A project that will pay off in a few years.



31. Arizona Cardinals – RB Donald Brown

Do they really need a running game?


32. Pittsburgh Steelers – C Max Unger

He has written Steeler all over him.

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