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Harolds Mock Draft 2009

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Harold from orbitcostarica...


submitted his first mock draft including short comments to us. Thanks man...


1. matt stafford----must pick but a bust within 3 years

2. jason smith------ultimately too light

3. curry-----all pro in 2 years

4. eugene monroe------servicable but never great

5. orapko-------all pro in 3 years

6. bj raji-------all pro 1st year

7. michael johnson-------better than average

8. crabtree--------outstanding

9. everette brown-------better than average

10. oher--------better than average

11. cushing-------will dissapoint in the end ´

12. tyson jackson--------12 year player

13. andre smith-------out of league in 5

14. vontae davis--------8 year man

15. malcom jenkins-------average

16. maualuga-------never makes grade

17. mark sanchez-------backup player

18. maclin------cannot take the pounding

19. josh freeman--------wild card sensation in 3 years

20. britton-------average

21. knowshon moreno--like that other georgia guy at denver

22. percy harvin-----always hurt

23. clay matthews-------solid

24. pettigrew----10 year man

25. larry english-------average

26. d j moore--------average

27. perria jerry---------10 year man

28. heywood bey----flashy but never consistent

29. nicks------above average career

30. lauriniaitis------wasted pick

31. wells--------cant stay well

32. alex mack-------solid for 8 years

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