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Moose911 mocks his way to the draft

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The next staff member tries to figure out what happens on the final weekend in April...

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1. Detroit Lions – QB Matt Stafford

The obvious pick if his agents says "Yes" to realistic account numbers. Why? Name a good one up in Detroit since Scott Mitchell aired it out to Hermann Moore and Brett Perriman.

2. Denver Broncos – QB Mark Sanchez (Trade)

This pick belonges to my beloved RAMS so what can I hope for: Trade out of this position! Fearless prediction has Denver trading its two number 1 picks for the 2nd overall pick in the 2009 draft. Denver fills the hole left due to the Jay Cutler trade and selects the next QB of its future. The Rams are able to add quality depth with the 12th and 18th overall picks and the deal will come through because the Rams will bite without an additional 3rd round pick from Denver. 

3. Kansas City Chiefs – LB Aaron Curry

In my opinion that’s simply the best player in the draft and the Chiefs will take him. LT is not a possibility with Brandon Albert in place so go for D and a rare athlete and good character guy.

4. Seattle Seahawks – OT Jason Smith

Like my buddy Jensen said in his mock draft: “Crabtree isn’t willing to run and you have two expensive OT’s under contract so your only chance is to trade down or address a need”. Correct, but I would suggest to release your expensive, old and declining All Pro LT and get your new 10 season starter in Jason Smith. E. Monroe could also be the option here.

5. Cleveland Brown – DT B.J. Raji

No LT here because a star is already in place. Shaun Rogers is a nightmare with his so-so attitude so kick him out of town and get B.J. into the middle of your 3 men D-line. Huge drop off in the quality of DT makes him go this high.

6. Cincinnati Bengals – OT Eugene Monroe

Dear GM, we were not able to find a player with high character problems so we select another LT, that enables us to release the good guy Levi Jones or put him in as a RT. Bengals lost almost everything the last two years so at least this moves makes Cedric Benson and Carson Palmer happy. BTW who cares about Cedric Benson.

7. Oakland Raiders – WR Michael Crabtree

Al Davis stays with his roots and tradition. He will not be as fast as James Jett und Tim Brown but he will give you 50+ catches and 5+ receiving TD`s. in his rookie season.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Jeremy Maclin

Hmmm. Defense is always very good in Jacksonville so here we go with another highly regarded WR and after two years everybody will tell you: “Man we should have selected …any other guy… with that high 1st round pick”

9. Green Bay Packers – DE/LOLB Brian Orakpo

Brian Orakpo is an ideal fit for the new Packers scheme. He will rush from the opposite side of Aaron Kampman and have speed guys A.J Hawk and Nick Barnett cover up on the inside. Wow! Sounds like a Steeler-like LB core on paper.

10. San Francisco 49ers – DE/OLB Everette Brown

QB!!?? Is temporary not available. The pass rush switches now to available with the selection of Everette Brown who was a nightmare for QB`s at the college level.

11. Buffalo Bills – DE Michael Johnson

A true 4-3 DE will bring a lot of speed to the Bills. Look for him to run against T.O for the fastest 40y time Cool.

12. St. Louis Rams – OT Michael Oher (Trade)

“The blind side” made him famous. Lets wait and see if he can beat out Alex Barron for the LT job. The Rams hope so and that’s the reason they traded with Denver to see what big Mike cann do for them and getting an additional first rounder 6 picks later. The drop off from J. Smith and E. Monroe is not significant.

13. Washington Redskins – OT Andre Smith

A shame he droped out of the top 10 due to a lot of mistakes in the offseason but still a good player who will pancake defenders for Clinton Portis. Good move by the traditionally big spending Skins who went D with big Albert and DeAngelo in free agency.

14. New Orleans Saints – CB Vontae Davis

Signed Mr. Vilma and Reggie Bush finally has to come through to help the great Drew Brees on offense. So go with the obvious defensive choice and select the first CB of this draft. You get a good one with the 14th pick.

15. Houston Texans – WR Darius Heyward-Bey

Fast and intriguing pick for the Texans. Why? You have the 1b WR in the NFL as your No.1 and you have a good RB, QB and 3rd WR on your roster. Stretch the field with this guy and Andre Johnson will catch 140 passes next year. Tongue out

16. San Diego Chargers – OT Eben Britton

RB situation is under control. Defense looks good with all those elite players and the freak coming back from injury to create havoc in the opposite backfield. A FB? No way at 16, so the next OT is rolling to the NFL. 

17. New York Jets – RB Knowshon Moreno

This guy will explode to the scene and the Jets have a solid RB to complement the good old T. Jones in the Meadowlands. I don`t see Chris Wells in a Jets uniform.

18. St. Louis Rams – DE Tyson Jackson (Trade)

The team recently signed K. Boller as a backup QB so Josh Freeman is no longer an option. Leonard Little is getting old and the team loves to select DE and DT in the first round. To be honest, with not much success the recent years, but that does not mean they don`t make it 3 years in a row…

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – QB Josh Freeman

Gruden time is over and so are the 5 QB training camp times. The will try to get a good young one, like so many teams Wink but I am not sure if he fits that bill down in Tampa. Let`s wait and see…

20. Detroit Lions – CB/FS Malcom Jenkins

An O-liner would be a good choice but the Lions will get a good secondary player at this stage of the draft. Malcom Jenkins would have gone a lot higher in this years draft, if there wouldn`t be such things like combine drills and 40y dash. Of course it did not help that Deon Sanders was “NOT AMUSED” about his hips.

21. Philadelphia Eagles – OT William Beatty

The Eagles will stay put! This is the surprise of the first round and they will gamble that their beloved TE will fall to them at No.28 and select a good OT with that pick. It will happen in my scenario... Laughing 

22. Minnesota Vikings – C Alex Mack

No OT or CB left to reach for. Matt Birk is no longer there so they will nail down an impact player and make Alex Mack a rare first round center selection.

23. New England Patriots – DE/OLB Aaron Maybin

Mike “TD catch” Vrabel was rejected like a Muggsy Bogues layup and so Billy B. is finally having a good young nucleus off linebackers in New England. Never thought this will happen but to calm down the veteran lovers. There is still “a Tedy” in town…

24. Atlanta Falcons – DT Peria Jerry

No TE because Tony G. will be coming soon!!?? I think so. A DT solves a lot of problems because the O is in pretty good, young shape.

25. Miami Dolphins – OLB Brian Cushing

A good solid OLB from one of the best college defenses ever. All three USC LB will be first round picks and he fitts in nicely with the Tuna driven 3-4 Phins.

26. Baltimore Ravens –ILB Rey Maualuga

Bart Scoot was the next LB who left the Ravens but did someone see a drop off after A. Thomas left for N.E? No, first class D will stay first class and selects a possible successor for Ray Lewis with this LB clone of Troy Polamalo. To learn the NFL game from one of the best all time he will complement Ray inside the next 2-3 years. Success story!

27. Indianapolis Colts – OLB Clay Matthews

It is just too nice to predict that three USC LB are drafted in a row. The O clicks as long as THE Manning runs the show and M. Harrison WAS great and will not be missed. Clay Matthews is the best player available for them at this spot and they will take him.

28. Philadelphia Eagles – TE Brandon Pettigrew

An upgrade over LJ Smith and the best TE in this years draft class. A No brainer after selecting a OT with their first pick.

29. New York Giants – WR Brian Robiskie

The Wild Wild West is over in the Big Apple and the team will try to get Braylon Edwards. I don`t think Cleveland is that stupid, so a big WR is a good choice here with a solid defense in place. On the other hand, it is Cleveland!!!

30. Tennessee Titans – WR Percy Harvin

No DT available who brings adequate value with this high pick to the Titans and no “BIG Game” in sight at WR. Select a player who helps you out on your struggling offense. They never had an offense playmaker before Chris Johnson, so give him some relief and select the Florida standout. Now bring in Tory Holt and everything is fine…

31. Arizona Cardinals – RB Chris “Beanie” Wells

A good team which bring a lot of its SB starters back for next season. A. Boldin is still a question mark but if he is traded its only for a first and 3rd round pick. Edge is old and at No. 31 “Beanie” is the steal of the drafts first round.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers – WR Hakeem Nicks

Like Freddy Mercury said: “We are the champions”… So what!!!???!!! I think they are ready again for SB next season and the D MVP is also back in a really happy mood with his new multi million $ contract extension. Hines Ward is not getting younger and Santonio Holmes wants to get known to his new No.3 WR and future starting colleague.

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