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St. Louis Rams

Take a look at the Rams

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The uncommon 2010 FA market started nearly two weeks ago and I will check out the team that drafts "numero uno" this year. 


Take a look at the Rams




We would love to stop anybody and would love to score on somebody. This was one of the worst Rams teams since 10000BC, so quality and quanitity both are a need for the St. Louis Rams.

Short summary and fearless predictions

Bold = Actually happend

Italic = Rookie predictions  Cool









The new Backup with F instead of a B. Maybe he is a better Boller. Ask the Dolphins...


Will be cut (Replaced by a development QB like Pike, Tebow, LeFavour) drafted in the 3rd round.


Backup of the backup. Gained some valuable game time experience.



SJ #39


The only star player on the Rams roster

Rookie 2nd round choice. 



Avery, Robinson, Burton, Gibson, Amendola, Foster 

Noting will happen here because this group is young and this could be one of the more promising areas. There is also no clear cut number one WR in the draft and within FA that could provide immediate help. Actually, there is no FA WR available, who would want to be the No.1 WR for STL. 



R. McMichael


UFA will not be resigned,

D. Fells gets a shot to start.




Tagged with a 2nd round tender.



LT or RT but will be a Ram next season.

Goldberg can backup both Tackle spots



Bell, Grecko


Solid and there are more stressing needs elsewhere. Bring in a big road grinder in the late draft rounds. Goldberg can also backup OG.

Added Fraley and resigned Setterstrom to compete. 




One of the few bright spots on this team. Fraley will also backup Brown.




Solid, but that is not enough for the second overall selection of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Little, Hall

Little will be back. "Hall will be gone". Young blood will be brought in to compete via late draft rounds. No prime time FA available for this team at DE. (Peppers to Bears, etc.)

Resigned Hall for 3 years




BPA and fills a position of need. What else do you want from your number one selection? Rams could life with McCoy, too

Carriker, Ryan, Scott, Robbins

Young, except “Big Rob” and suddenly a good looking rotation, maybe including Gibson




Good for years to come (Pro Bowler next or next-to-next season)



Not worth to mention at all


SLB and WLB have to be added. Ok, keep Vobora but add competition. Bring Pisa back and add Diggs (Car) and Pierce to be the new D leader at least in training camp, like Draft was last year. Bad move cutting this guy loose last year after having him with the team the whole training camp.




Best CB on the roster. He has to rebound and will…



Fletcher, Wade, King, Butler


Fletcher will start and he showed some promise in his rookie season.

Dockery added for Nickel Back duties




Safe and solid starter




Very solid – Hopefully back because he is the only legitimate playmaker besides "Jackass".

Special teams


Brown, Jones Amenedola, Chamberlain


One of the units best years


Moose911`s opinion

In my opinion getting a quality starting QB (for the short time) and a dev-QB is a must. At the moment it looks like the Rams are hot for Sam Bradford at #1 because Feeley doesn`t fit the mold of a quality starting QB. Maybe for three weeks and then Feeley is worth of backup duties. Sam Bradford as a #1 pick should be named quality starting QB and would start beginning with week 1.

On the other side picking King Kong Suh can also be considered mandatory, because they simply cannot stop the run since they entered the NFL. Fred Robbins will not solve this problem. But then you have the problem of going with Bulger (8Mio!!) and Feeley into the season as your starting QB`s. To be cont...

OLB particulary WLB is not even worth to mention at all, this position is not even manned at a high college level...

A quality WR and CB would be nice, too but this will not happen because they don`t have two additional first rounders this year. Cool

Fact is that the Rams have to be a real TEAM and play at 150% to have more wins then last year. Best draft in the NFL is a must for GM and coach to survive the "Wrath of the Khan". Tongue out No way they are able to fix all the problems with high quality players NOW, but 2011 is make or break for BD and Spags.

Your thoughts???




St. Louis Rams

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Moose911 on his Rams:

The Rams had again!!! an awful season and changes were made throughout the club.

Whats next: Here we go with a fearless prediction on 24th of May. The Rams will be better... Cool but the division will also be a lot better having the improved Niners and Seahawks in it and also the 2009 Super Bowl participant out of Arizona.

... To be continued ...






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